Trutek Dance is the Midwest’s Hottest Commercial Dance Co.

Welcome to Trutek Dance – Lakeshore Ballet Theatre’s (LBT) exciting new venture in performance art. Trutek Dance is a professional dance company that includes a school for youth & college training. We are one of the few dance companies in the Midwest that offers both a professional performance company and a school for training. When you enroll with us, you don’t have to search for outside apprentice or internship work. We offer a variety of apprentice, trainee & internships to all of our students age 13 & up after certain requirements are achieved. Upon completion of our program, you will receive official transcripts, a portfolio with professional photos & a video & letters of recommendation. Our school offers recreational or comprehensive professional dance training programs all under one roof. Your education will combine LBT’S Russian Ballet Technique curriculum with Trutek’s training in all commercial dance styles including Hip Hop , Street Jazz, Tap (Classical & Hoofin’), Contemporary, & Musical Theatre. We teach the current trends you see in Los Angeles & New York, while maintaining a strong focus on technique to create a stylistic Dancer That ” Has It All”.

Trutek Dance Co. offers opportunities to students starting at age 6. Simply take recreational classes or immerse yourself deeply into our community by joining one of our performance groups. The opportunities are endless from recreation to the dancer who wants a career in the field. For the more serious dancer, we have several opportunities for professional dance, dance performances, full time company dancer positions, interns, trainees, apprentices & a student teaching training program. We work with various high schools & colleges so that our students receive credit hours.

Call us at 440-503-2974 to make an appointment & we will customize a dance program that helps you reach your goals & suits your lifestyle. We have open enrollment and 4 auditions per year for our performance groups. We are open 7 days a week with many class time options.

Our Philosophy

Above all this is an open place to learn, dance, create & be inspired.

This is a place for students young & old, expert & novice who choose to put their body, mind and heart into what’s being offered in the classroom.

When you walk through our doors we want you to focus on you & you only..

We want you to be inspired by others, but know it’s up to YOU to develop your own style.

We teach dancers to appreciate their opporunities, to be confident, but to always stay humble……to never forget where you came from, no matter how big you make it………

Take what you learn here & share it with your friends, your family or inspire someone who has never danced to try OR simply keep it for yourself only to use as an outlet.

The true dancer at heart does not demand a stage or an audience of a certain number.
They just want to dance.

They want to dance for those who respect the art or those humans who need to connect with someone…. or something

Under our glistening chandeliers & soft rose gold walls we are all equal.
We are all here to learn new ways to challenge our bodies & our minds.
And above all encourage each other to be better .

We are all connected here
Young and old,
Short and tall,
Male and female,
Black and white.

There is no room here for the judgmental.



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